Chimneys CIKO

Chimneys CIKO will engage your attention with their technical parameters, quality, ease of construction and also attractive price and design.

Dear customers, welcome to our website. No doubt, every roof should have a chimney which supplements a picture of the whole house by its architectural arrangement. Thus, the worst types of chimneys are the ones that show their faulty technological solution. Therefore we offer you chimney system CIKO (CIHELNÉ KOMÍNY), that will fulfil architectural and technological requirements of every builder.

Chimney systems CIKO offers a possibility to use for family houses, cottages and commercial and industrial buildings. Unique brick chimneys and highly durable stainless steel chimneys allow you to connect any appliance and can be utilized for all types of fuel. CIKO develops its own products to achieve high quality, durability combined with attractive price.

Each chimney from CIKO is a guarantee of satisfaction and many years of trouble free operation.