Why choose CIKO chimneys

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Great draught of CIKO chimneys

Great draught of CIKO chimneys is guaranteed thanks to flue refractory liners of a round profile of the highest grade and first-rate quality; quality of heat insulation and correct dimensioning of flue liners.

Fire safety of CIKO chimneys

Fire safety of CIKO chimneys is guaranteed since the chimney element consists of flue liner, insulation and brick breeze block – every component of the system is first-rate quality. This is verified in a certificate issued by TSUS Praha – branch office Plzeň.

Resistance to corrosion and moisture

Resistance to corrosion and moisture is guaranteed thanks to high quality and the highest grade of internal refractory or plastic flue liners of the system. We can make seamless and perfectly tight inner fitting thanks to perfect connection of every liner. In combination with high quality heating insulation and system of rear overall ventilation, we can completely eliminate the impact of moisture on operation and on lifetime of the chimney. These properties allow us to offer 30 year guarantee on CIKO chimney system.

Proper contact with surrounding ceramic wall

There are no problems while plastering the area where chimney touches the surrounding ceramic wall thanks to breeze block of external cladding made of quality ceramic. Cracks can appear in the plaster, if chimneys are used with different external cladding rather than the one made of brick.

Absolute universality

Absolute universality is provided since each component of CIKO chimney system (e.g. breeze block, footing, door, grates etc.) is applicable to all diameters and types of CIKO chimneys. Furthermore, the fact that system CIKO 3V UNIVERSAL is certified for all types of fuels, enables us, for example, to connect this chimney in future to a gas boiler instead of a fireplace, without any difficult and expensive flue lining – you are saving money immediately.

Simple installation of CIKO system

Simple installation of CIKO system is provided by precise manufacturing of each component and thanks to their low weight, there is no problem with handling anywhere at the construction site. Every builder can instal CIKO chimney without any problem in a very short time, according to assembly instructions – it is an assembly kit based on principle of typical masonry.

Price affordability of chimneys

Price affordability of chimneys is nowadays one of the most principal criteria for every builder when choosing the system. Very favourable price together with material selection (brick breeze block) in the highest quality is the main reason why CIKO chimneys have more and more supporters and customers among building companies and also among investors.

Have you already found out why to choose CIKO chimney system?

CIKO systems are absolutely safe, have great draught and are resistant to all harmful effects that can influence durability and function of chimneys. They are very popular among building companies and builders thanks to simple installation and universality of the system. Thanks to affordability, material selection and professional support, there is no reason to hesitate, and it is time to use CIKO chimney systems!!!