Chimneys CIKO TEC are suitable for joint chimneys from whole scale of boilers, stoves, heaters and burners with underpressure or overpressure operation. The chimney can also provide air supply to the appliance.

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System description

CIKO TEC is a modern chimney system for modern heating of your house. System is made of top quality materials and by its construction respects all current trends in branch of heating technology. Fireplace, various number of gas boilers, condensation technology – these are the examples of absolute freedom when choosing heating appliance. Universality of the chimney is not necessary at the time of construction, but at the time when your children will do reconstruction of the house and surely change the type of boiler and maybe the type of heating. CIKO TEC system consists of ceramic isostatic spigot joint for chimney liners, air gap and external cladding made of brick breeze blocks with ground surface. Spigot joint flue liners are made by special technology of isostatic press and are suitable for exhaust of flue gases from appliances running on all kinds of fuel with natural or forced exhaust of flue gases. The classification of these chimney flue liners, resulting from certification, yields chimney the properties of absolutely universal flue gases exhaust. Flue gases exhaust is only a part of function of the chimney body. Second, no less important characteristic of the chimney, is air intake for the appliance.

Internal diameters of liners are supplied in four sizes:

  • 140mm
  • 160mm
  • 180mm
  • 200mm

Area of use

CIKO TEC chimney system stands out because of its universal use. Exhaust of flue gases is only partial functional utilization of chimney body. Second, no less important characteristic of the chimney, is air intake for the appliance. This requirement has been quite common for some time for gas boilers with enclosed combustion chamber (so called turbo boilers). Newly, it is being used for modern fireplaces and fireplace stoves which have a hub for air intake in the bottom part of the appliance.

Controlled air intake is important mainly for low energy and passive homes where the circulation of air is monitored as a whole and it is not permissible to open the window because of burning fireplace. In case that air intake to appliance is through chimney, a seperate circulation of air is created. This circulation has no influence on thermal comfort in the room. Air intake is used for burning and the fireplace only warms up air in the room in circulatory way. Another indisputable advantage is the possibility to connect more gas boilers of type „C“ to one chimney vent.