Chimney system CIKO PRAKTIK consist of insulated stainless steel inserts and ceramic breeze block of external cladding. It is designated for all kinds of fuels (solid, liquid and gaseous) and for all kinds of heating appliances with natural and also forced exhaust of flue gases.

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System description

Maximum temperature in constant use (low pressure) is 600°C.
In high pressure operation (max. 5000 Pa) special gaskets are fitted in the connections. Max. constant temperature is 200°C.
Flue liners with cylindrical locking system; clamp band is not necessary.
Flue liners wall thickness is 0,6mm, optionally 1,0mm.

10 year warranty

Internal diameters of liners are supplied in four sizes:

  • 130mm
  • 160mm
  • 180mm
  • 200mm