CIKO GAS chimneys find use with appliances using gas and liquid fuel in underpressure or overpressure operation.

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System description

CIKO GAS chimney system consists of ceramic chimney breeze blocks that make external cladding which is fitted with plastic flue liners. This system is designated for exhaust of flue gases from gas and solid fuel appliances where output temperature of flue gases in flue tee is guaranteed to be lower than 120°C (Testing temperature is in compliance with harmonized standards ČSN EN ISO 306 >160 °C).

CIKO GAS chimney system is supplied in four diameters of internal flue liners:

  • 80 mm
  • 100 mm
  • 125 mm
  • 160 mm

CIKO GAS chimneys find use with appliances using gas and liquid fuel in underpressure or overpressure operation. Material of plastic flue liners Ricom have nearly unlimited lifetime, extreme resistance to aggressive condensate and UV radiation and high heat stability. Mechanical and chemical properties of this material are set for special requirements of heating sector.

Plastic liners are supplied in two standard types:

  • firm
  • flexible

Part of CIKO GAS system is the assortment of accessories needed for complete fitting of chimney, for example elbow bends, T-pieces, reductions, reducers, revision cap etc.


Area of use

During operation of low temperature and condensation boilers, aggressive condensates including acids emerge. This is the reason why there are high demands on properties of materials used during manufacturing of chimney flue liners. Resistance to chemicals, heat permeability and gas tightness are very desired properties of chimney liners. Plastic liners used in CIKO GAS systems are the best solution. They are constructed from special plastic, whose low weight and technical solution based on spigot-and-socket joint enable easy and quick installation.
Plastic internal flue liners and breeze blocks of CIKO GAS system are connected to one another through spigot joints. The gasket inserted in spigot joints guarantees absolute tightness of the system against flue gases and against trickling condensate and it is suitable in underpressure or overpressure operation.  The weight of the chimney system plays an important role. Plastic components used in CIKO® GAS system stand out above other materials because of its low weight and low heat permeability.

Low heat permeability means good insulation properties. These properties in combination with thickness of used components reduce the quantity of delivered heat to surroundings of chimney flue liner to minimum and reduce the quantity of heat.


  • Maximum simplicity of installation
  • Absolute resistance to impact of condensate
  • Possible to use in underpressure or overpressure operation
  • Variability with other CIKO systems
  • 15 year guarantee
  • Unbeatable price