Chimney system CIKO® 3V UNIVERSAL is designated for all kinds of fuels and for all kinds of appliances with natural exhaust of flue gases. System consists of refractory flue liner, heat insulation and ceramic breeze block of external cladding.

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System description

Internal refractory flue liners together with refractory material that is part of the system create a solid chimney vent resisting high temperatures and changes in moisture. Internal diameters of liners are supplied in four sizes:

  • 140 mm
  • 160 mm
  • 180 mm
  • 200 mm

Area of use

Chimney system CIKO® 3V UNIVERSAL is designated for all kinds of fuels (solid, liquid and gaseous) and for all kinds of heating appliances with natural exhaust of flue gases.

List of appliances suitable for connection to chimney system CIKO® 3V UNIVERSAL:

  • Boilers – solid fuel
  • Boilers – solid gas
  • Boilers – oil
  • Fireplace liners
  • Fireplace heating stove

Heat insulation

Heat insulation, placed between internal refractory piece and external supporting chimney cladding has two essential functions. Primary function is to insulate internal refractory piece from external impacts and ensure the fastest possible reaction to heating-up and natural constant draught of the chimney, the secondary function is dilatation of internal piece, which, depending on temperature of flue gases shows changes in volume.

Contrary from chimney cladding that retains constant volume. Actual insulation is made from two semicircular segments that are provided with lock-joint and fit closely into one another.

Chimney cladding

Chimney cladding is made from ceramic breeze blocks that are walled with supplied mortar. Breeze blocks are laid in pairs in every layer and they are turned by 90° in individual layers. Special connecting breeze blocks are used with multi-vent chimneys in every second layer. They will secure the bond of chimney wall cladding and enable to make any number of vents in any combination of diameters of internal liners.

The exhaust of chimney is important for reliable function of the chimney. This is a characteristic feature of Ciko chimneys.