Advantages of CIKO

  • CIKO® chimney systems are designed for all kimds of fuels – solid, liquid and gaseous and for all kinds of heating appliances.
  • Special construction of breeze block and unique system of overall ventilation of a chimney body ensures optimal function of a chimney.
  • Variability of the system enables to build any number of vents, in any combination of diameters and types of flue liners. Standard breeze blocks of external cladding for any number, diameters and types of vents.
  •  Construction of the system and weight of each component enables simple and efficient installation, so that any number of vents can be done by one person.
  •  Used material (ceramic breeze block of external cladding) ensures proper contact with surrounding ceramic wall and enables trouble-free surface finish in commonplace plaster.
  •  30 year guarantee.
  •  Unbeatable price.