Above roof

When walling of chimney body is finished, up to desired height, we can go on to section above roof.

We can choose from several variants to terminate the chimney above roof – with so called chimney crowns:

Chimney crown KOMFORT

Exposed rings that imitate face walling are used for part above roof. In this case, breeze blocks of external cladding are not used above roof. [...]

Ring are available in 4 colours: red, white, black and brown. Adhesive material Komfort CKOL is supplied for glueing rings; reinforcement kit CKOV is supplied for reinforcement of this section above roof.

Chimney crown provided with chimney wrap

In this variant, after chimney body is masoned, the chimney wrap which is protecting the chimney cladding against weather impact is installed and fastened in the section above roof level. [...]

Chimney wraps are installed in this part of the chimney over the flashing, so that rainwater would be prevented from entering the roof around the chimney body.

During installation, we will mason the chimney up to the desired height and we put chimney wrap on part of the chimney above roof. Before installation, the chimney wraps must be trimmed according to the height of a chimney above roof and according to the roof sloping.

Bottom part of the chimney wrap is locked to chimney body with supplied bolts. We must drill holes of smaller diameter than the bolt before actual fastening.

Chimney wraps are supplied in two variants:

  • Imit wrap – imitation of face bricks
  • Štuko wrap – imitation plaster, chimney section above roof


Chimney crown

In this case, the chimney body is walled with breeze blocks of external cladding up to desired height and finished off with basic covering plate. [...]

This part above roof is ready for plastering or siding made of bands.

Chimney crown ready for walling

Last type of chimney crown consists of cantilever covering plate, and it is designed so that it could be masoned with Czech or German format of facing bricks. [...]

It is possible to choose any kind of bricks that suit the architectural design. Before sinking chimney through the roof level, it is necessary to set cantilever plate and then we can continue with walling chimney up to desired height. The facing bricks are laid on top of the cantilever plate, and grouting is done subsequently

Termination of chimney

Last ceramic flue liner that goes through cover plate of all crowns is cut 8-9cm above last ceramic breeze block of external cladding. [...]

Chimney collar (made of ceramics) is glued to this flue liner with jointing material. That prevents rainwater from entering the insulation. Between top edge of cover plate and ceramic collar must be gap of min. 1 cm.

By request of an investor, the chimney can be terminated with “chimney cap” instead of chimney collar, or perhaps “Napoleon”, which inhibits falling rainwater and dirt in the chimney vent. It is anchored to cover plate above the chimney collar.