About us

CIKO s.r.o., the manufacturer of CIKO® chimney systems was founded in 2002. Our company has been involved in selling chimney systems since its foundation.

The company introduced its own chimney system CIKO® (CIhelné KOmíny) on the market in 2004. It was developed on the basis of acquired experience in the branch of chimney technology. CIKO chimney systems have been sought-after since the very beginning, mainly for its unique brick breeze blocks for external cladding that are typical feature of CIKO chimneys.

CIKO chimneys are sought-after more and more every year, not only for its unique solution of external cladding, but also for constantly wider and improved assortment of components and also for a very professional and helpful approach of all employees of CIKO s.r.o.
Year 2007 brought radical changes for CIKO s.r.o., as well as for CIKO® chimneys. In the beginning of the year the company moved to its own premises in Předměřice nad Jizerou. Office and warehouse premises underwent major reconstruction.

Furthermore a ceramic breeze block of external cladding was changed. This breeze block has had cut horizontal joint that assures markedly more precise – and what is very important – faster installation of CIKO® chimneys.

After introduction of cut brick breeze block, the CIKO® systems became much more sought-after chimneys than before. These systems are currently sold all over the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.
We believe that you will be satisfied with CIKO® chimney systems and you will gladly turn to our company in the future.

In Předměřice nad Jizerou

Ing. Jiří Janoušek
commercial agent

Ing. Miroslav Drobník
commercial agent